louderVIEW Reunion, etc.


So it looks like my old band, louderVIEW will be getting together again in May. The gig is in Red Deer, AB. The date is May 12. Maybe more details to follow.

I’m kind of excited to play a gig. I’m also excited to see Dan and Adam, two good friends who were lost to the West a few years ago. As well, I’m considering taking the train home, which means that I could enjoy three days in a comfy sleeper during Canada’s springtime… all in all it would be a lovely getaway from the stresses of regular life.

In other news, I’ve nearly completed my first semester at Emmanuel. Part of me is glad to have started school finally. Part of me is tearing its hair out because of the extra weight it has been putting on my life… but overall I’m happy.

Another point of interest that I feel like writing down is that yesterday was the second anniversary of my dad’s death. Time does heal all wounds, but I have to say that this wound is still pretty raw some days. Frequently I find myself wondering what kind of advice he would give me in different situations. I sometimes have to remind myself that everyone loses their parent(s) to mortality eventually… we all learn to cope.

Anywho. Life is good. And it will continue to be good for the foreseeable future!

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