Day 8 – Sonsonate

Today I did almost nothing. One of the participants was not feeling up to working in Caluco so I volunteered to stay behind and keep an eye on him in case he became more sick and to make sure he was getting lots of fluids and stuff.
It was nice to have a day with very little to do other than read a book. I’m currently reading Cory Doctorow’s Homeland which is the sequel to Little Brother  and so far I’m thoroughly entranced. Very cool. This evening I took a swim in the pool with some of the kids, then we watched a video about an organisation which reunites children who were disappeared (stolen then adopted to international families as orphans) during the war with their parents in El Salvador. Gut-wrenching, but uplifting knowing that they are having successes. More than 300 reunited this far.
Spent some time having some animated, informal theological discussion with a few participants before bed, then it was of to bed!

I forgot to mention that yesterday, the group also played an international soccer game with some of the youth from Caluco – I have no idea who won, but lots of new friends were made and fun was had. We also toured the youth centre and soon-to-open coming school/restaurant in Caluco. So much development is happening in this super-poor area. Hope is blooming.

Caluco Youth Centre

A 360 degree panorama of the area between the youth centre and cooking school.

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