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Most of the people who visit this page will be people who already know me, however on the off chance that someone other than my mother stops by, here’s some random information about me. You can stop reading anytime after the first paragraph if you get bored. I promise.

My name is Gord Spence. This is me a few years ago:

Photo Courtesy of Rebecca Channer


In 2009, I got married to an awesome lady named Vanessa. She’s into video editing, singing, and being really cool. We like each other a lot. This is us:

Photo Courtesy of Nikki Lake

One of my greatest passions is working with teenagers. I run a youth group at Emmanuel United Church in Waterloo and it is an absolute delight spending time with a crowd of rowdy teens who are excited to be together and learn about God’s presence in the world. I also love preaching – the process, from uncovering the meaning of a biblical text, to discovering its application in our world, to sharing it with a wider audience is absolutely invigorating and I cherish the opportunities I’ve had to preach on various occasions.

Outside of church and work, my interests are fairly wide and varied. I’m very into photography and I post my favourites onto my page on Flickr. I have an interest in astronomy, and on the rare occasions when I have time and energy, I drag my 10″ Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope into the boonies to observe the night skies. Here’s a picture I took of Jupiter through my older telescope:

Currently I play a five-string and an acoustic bass.

As with most human beings, I’m also incomplete without music. I play bass guitar and have been in a few different bands over the years. The most recent (and prolific) band I’ve been in is louderVIEW. I listen to a pretty wide range of music, but some of my favourites in the ‘D’ category include Debussy, Dave Matthews Band, and Dan Mangan. I seem to prefer indie rock lately, though I’ve been known to listen to the odd pop song and go on instrumental/classical kicks from time to time.

While I was in Sea Scouts as a teenager I sailed regularly. Unfortunately, being landlocked and devoid of a large disposable income, I only dream of sailing these days. Camping is also a favourite activity of mine, though it seems that the demands of life eat the majority of my weekends.

I should also mention that I’m a huge nerd if you hadn’t figured it out already. I play boardgames with my friends. Small World, Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride, and Seven Wonders are a few of my favourites. When I have time, I play computer games such as the Civilization series (currently playing World of Warships), Project Reality (a realism-oriented mod of Battlefield 2), and the Portal series.

Sometimes I even have time to watch TV. I’m a pretty big Trekkie (not Trekker). Though I don’t dress up in a costume, I know stuff about that fictional universe that no average person ought to know. And before you ask, DS9 followed by TNG are probably my favourites. And I didn’t/don’t hate ENT, though I understand why some people do. I think Gene Roddenberry would be pleased to know how much he influenced so many people through these television shows and the universe that he created.

Anywho. That’s me in a nutshell. Let’s hang out.

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  1. Susan says:


    I stumbled across you via Twitter. (That’s a slightly long story, as I am not technically “on” Twitter.)

    On a totally different subject – given that you are a young-ish United Church almost-minister (there are so few of you under, say, 55!) – I’m curious as to whether you’re interested in people like Shane Claiborne, or Peter Rollins (who, interestingly, I saw speak in person this weekend) or the other young evangelicals in the emerging church movement. Although I am an aging UCC person (age 62), I find the left-wing evangelicals really interesting. I really think we need to stop being so paranoid about them and start connecting with them. I have started hanging out with them. (Peter Rollins is WAY out there, btw.)

    • gord says:

      Hi Susan!
      I’ve got Shane Claiborne’s book on my shelves (The Irresistable Revolution), however I’ve yet to have time to read it. I’m definitely interested in the new radical / monastic traditions. I think they have a lot of credibility when it comes to living into Jesus’ lifestyle. My only nervousness comes when I start thinking about the practicality of getting everyone to live that lifestyle… but then that’s the same nervousness (giddiness?) I get when I think of everyone living into Christ’s calls. So maybe that’s not such a bad thing!

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